• $SAT can be mined with SAC App.

  • The mined $SAT can be used in various ways and can be sold to earn money.

  • As a fundamental methodology to prevent inflation and block abusing, $SAT can maintain a constant value, preventing the decline in value shown by other projects.

Prevent inflation

As most miners reinvest their tokens for more profit or sell them on the market, the downward pressure on the token price will be getting stronger which is the fate of all token projects. However, through collaboration with various fashion brands, SAC can significantly eliminate the downward pressure of tokens by carrying out the actual use-actual burning of $SAT. The price competitiveness of the actual product is determined by the token price, and thus the purchase demand of the product fluctuate. It is the best way to relieve downward pressure. The expansion pressure on the domestic market is the same mechanism as easing through foreign trade. By shifting the pressure on the inflation of mined tokens to the real economy, the number of tokens in the ecosystem does not increase in proportion to time unconditionally and is aggressively burned.

The powerful burning model to maintain the ecosystem

a. $SAT make it possible to purchase products that are difficult to get or not normally sold.

b. The net profit from selling products is used to burn tokens or lock-up.

  • Superfamily operates a token-shopping mall where the SAC products are sold.

  • According to the refund and exchange issue, the proceeds are temporarily stored in the Treasury and burned at once at the end of the campaign.

  • All funds raised will be burned.

  • Due to the nature of the token, periodic burning events can have significant meaning for users, so it should be accompanied by marketing actions such as continuously disclosing the amount of burning.

  • Collaborate with various fashion/sports brands for a sustainable and healthy token ecosystem.

  • Click here to go to the SAC online shopping website.

Cooperation with sports infrastructure

With the know-how of a brand that has actively invested in sports competitions and events, it is possible to hold continuous pro-sports events and operate projects with sincerity. In addition, we plan to secure a large number of sports influencers by granting NFT holder benefits and marketing through SAC TRYOUT.

$SAT are used in various ways

Token Allocation

Token Distribution

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