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Purchase Ticket

  • OG Purchase Ticket : can buy Reveal Box NFT with OG price with this ticket
  • WL Purchase Ticket : can buy Reveal Box NFT with WL price with this ticket
  • Public Purchase Ticket : can buy Reveal Box NFT with Public price with this ticket

Energy drink

Extra Large
  • Energy drinks can be purchased both before and during exercise, and energy is charged immediately upon purchase.
  • Energy above the user's maximum energy will not be applied (Ex. if a user with a maximum energy of 20 buys a medium energy drink when his energy is 0, only 20 will be charged)

Box of Fragments

A box containing Reveal Fragments.

Reveal Fragment

An item that can be obtained from quests, etc.. 50 reveal fragments can be combined into a Reveal Box by paying a certain SAT.

Random Box

An item that is usually found from random spot. You can get various items with a certain probability.

SAT Piece

Literally a piece of SAT. SAT Piece : SAT = 1000 : 1

Upgrade Booster

Item that increases the chance of upgrading shoes. Available in the market.

Downgrade Protector

An item that gives you a 100% chance to prevent downgrades when you upgrade your shoes. Available in the market.

Battery Pack

This item resets the battery replacement counts.
  • Can't be used on shoes that already have a full replacement counts.
  • If you have used battery pack and the replacement count is reset at 00:00 UTC on the first day of the month without a battery replacement, the count doesn't carry over.
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