Welcome to the Super Athletes Club!

SAC is a Sports To Earn project that pursues a metaverse ecosystem where the sports enthusiasts gather Your efforts in sports are converted into value, and you can compete with others or contribute to the ecosystem based on that value. Most people think that blockchain, a IT technology, and sports have a sense of distance, but IT technology is already used in various sports, and blockchain technology can be the same. It is also possible to build trust by transparently disclosing sports data by blockchain, or to show off your score to others. Blockchain can be the basis for changing the paradigm of sports in various directions. Despite the rapid development of the blockchain market, efforts to link it with sports have not progressed much. However, sports will be able to grow more than any other field, with blockchain technology based on fair play and data reliability that no one can change. Advances have already been made in various fields using blockchain technology, and significant results include P2E, NFT, and TOKEN. These technologies allow you to VALIDATE your data, and the S2E platform, a new sports paradigm that applies all of these, is the Super Athletics Club. In all the records in human history, the effort for sports is respected by many people. Until now, data on sportspeople has been recorded through various media, and sometimes it has been lost or manipulated by specific people. These unfair practices have become newsworthy and criticized by many people. SAC aims to build up the data with tremendous accuracy by recording information about exercise performance using blockchain technology. It is based on the verification of information through many validators in various sports and builds a database that everyone can see transparently. This can be respect for each other and furthermore, it can create value as a sports person. Sports To Earn is based on respect for all sportspeople's data as a further development from the concept of simply making money by exercising The SAC platform can be extended to various third parties in the form of APIs/SDKs and provides $SAT as a reward to market participants. If an authorized organization or a club that holds sports events participates in the ecosystem, information on sportspeople belonging to the club can be uploaded to the ecosystem and communicated with fans in real time. This allows each to earn additional rewards, and allows fans to show more respect for sportspeople. In addition, SAC App, which is accessible to the general public who is interested in sports, can also contribute to the ecosystem through daily exercise. The SAC App is a service operated by the foundation, which is a central point of ecosystem expansion as a SAC standard and can be used by all market participants. The SAC service will enable tracking of various sports and will enable more accurate data to be recorded through various functions to reduce the abusing factor.

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