The most basic way to participate in the SAC ecosystem is to use the SAC App. When you start SAC App, you don't need a wallet or NFT right away. You can install apps through Google Play Store and App Store, and you can log in through phone number authentication. Users with less understanding of crypto can easily access it and slowly learn crypto to spread the ecosystem.

Log-in system

In the SAC App, you can access the service only after you log in after mobile authentication. The biggest problem with various crypto projects is that it was possible to start by creating a wallet first and having coins and NFTs, and users who are experiencing crypto for the first time face the problem that they cannot even start. By lowering the hurdles on the first start, the scalability of the ecosystem is made extremely easy and Easy-to-start and spread can be implemented.

In-app market

SAC supports its own rental shop and NFT trading function. NFT trading is in the form of an open market, and all SAC NFTs can be listed. Trading NFT in the market require a certain amount of fees.

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