Super Athletes Club

SAC is a Sports To Earn project that pursues a metaverse ecosystem where the sports enthusiasts gather. One’s effort on sports is converted into value, and based on that value, one can compete or contribute to the ecosystem. There is a significant gap between an IT technology blockchain and sports that you play. However, many sports utilize IT technology in various ways, and so does it can be with blockchain technology. It is also possible to enhance reliability by transparently disclosing sports related data through blockchain, or to brag about one’s score to others. In various ways, blockchain can be the basis for a paradigm shift in sports. Despite the rapid development of the blockchain market, efforts to link it with sports did not progress much. Unlike any other fields, sports fields will be able to advance significantly with blockchain technology based on the game score renewal system that follows fair play with given rules and data reliability that no one can alter. Blockchain technology has already been applied in various fields and resulted in innovation, especially technologies that can fully validate one’s data through P2E, NFT, and Token technologies have emerged, and by applying this grammar(logic), we introduce S2E platform SAC, the new paradigm of sports field. In the records of human history, the efforts in sports are admired and respected by many people. Now, data on athletes(sportsmen and women) has been recorded through various media, and sometimes this data has been lost and manipulated by certain people. These unfair practices are widely broadcasted and often criticized by many. SAC aims to accumulate exercise data with undeniable accuracy by recording information about athletic performances using blockchain technology. Based on verification of information through many validators in various sports fields, SAC builds a database that everyone can access transparently. This can be regarded as a mutual respect for each other, and furthermore, it can create value as a sportsman. “Sports To Earn” is a more advanced concept from the concept of simply making money by exercising, and is based on the respect for data from all sportspeople. The SAC platform can be extended to various third parties in the form of API/SDK, and market participants can earn $SAT as a reward. If an accredited organization or an authorized club that plans a sports event participates in the ecosystem, information about the athletes who belong to the club can be uploaded to the ecosystem, and this information can be communicated with fans in real time. You may earn additional rewards with this system and the fans can express greater respect for sportspeople. In addition, by accessing SAC app, ordinary sports enthusiasts also contribute to the ecosystem through daily workout. The SAC app is a service operated by the foundation, which is central to the expansion of the ecosystem as the SAC standard and is a terminal that all market participants can participate in. The SAC service will enable tracking of various sports and record more accurate data through various functions to reduce abusing elements.

The SAC connection of sports lovers

The SAC project is an important link between various sportspeople and various sports management organizations. Sportspeople can upload their records normally and verify them through various validators. Through quality sports experiences, you can further refine yourself and create value through this. The validators who have been helped in the process of creating value can get rewards accordingly. The SAC will continue to expand its ecosystem in collaboration with ski resorts, country clubs, stadiums, and sports-related organizations to recruit various Validators, and will allow more sportspeople to be valued through expansion. Sportspeople can use NFTs issued by SAC to certify themselves as ecosystem participants, and certified participants will have the right to mine $SAT tokens. In the ecosystem, there are different NFTs for each type of sport, and they are divided into various grades within each sport. The amount of issuance is determined according to the ratio of rarity, and the higher the rarity, the more benefits you can get. If you want to participate in the ecosystem through NFT in the long run, it is better to own NFT, but users who want to participate in the ecosystem can rent NFT from NFT holders. Temporary participation in the ecosystem through lending can not get much more profit than actual participation, and the profits are distributed to NFT holders who rented. For NFT holders, a way to earn additional profits is presented, and for users who want to experience it, it is a way to easily enter without initial cost. Exercising alone is fun, but when you exercise with many people, you can feel more joy and get rewarded with exercise. Through SAC, you can have a party with many participants and enjoy exercise together, and you can get various benefits if you exercise together with the party. If there is an NFT holder with party benefits among the party members, all party members can share the ability, thus making it easier to participate in the ecosystem. If party play is activated, it will naturally be able to recommend the SAC ecosystem to the surrounding acquaintances and will be a great help in expanding the ecosystem.

Linkage in the real ecosystem

The most important point of SAC is its close connection with the real ecosystem. SAC is a joint venture between Superfamily, specializing in crypto projects, and Brands Universe, a distributor of Spyder, a famous sports apparel brand, and has successfully achieved a linkage to the real economy that is hard to see in other crypto projects. This implies a great significance, and the downward pressure on tokens caused by inflation in various existing P2E and M2E projects can be prevented very significantly. If the token price falls due to the increased circulation of the token, it is possible to obtain a great profit to purchase actual products with the token, which naturally strengthens the token buying. When actual products are purchased using the purchased token, most tokens are burned, resulting in a decrease in token flow in the market. This will additionally act as a factor in the increase in token prices and contribute significantly to the maintenance of the ecosystem continuously. Through collaboration with various fashion brands, more collaboration in the real economy can be expected by conducting promotions to introduce related products of SAC, a sports ecosystem. There are practically not many projects in which the crypto metaverse ecosystem and actual brand in the real-world can collaborate to remove real token downward pressure, and this advantage will be used to create a lot of hype.

A competition for sportspeople

Brands Universe is an experienced corporation that has hosted various sports competitions for many years, and still continues to host events for sportspeople and is loved by sportspeople. A competition called SAC TRYOUT is held every year, and SAC TRYOUT SEOUL will be held in Jamsil, Seoul in 2022. With such a high level of understanding of sportspeople and the experience of holding large-scale events, sportspeople can be incorporated into the metaverse ecosystem, and the high-quality information they create can be of great significance. By promoting the ecosystem through the SAC TRYOUT and providing benefits such as providing NFTs to sportspeople who participated in the competition, it is possible to make people feel attracted to the SAC ecosystem. Events will be held not only in SEOUL, but also in major cities around the world, such as NEW YORK, PARIS, and LONDON, to build an ecosystem that can communicate with all sports lovers around the world. Please look forward to the sports metaverse created by Super Athletes Club, a club for those who truly love sports.

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