Woori Technology Investment

Woori Technology Investment, established in 1996, has been a representative new technology business financing company with a tradition of discovering and investing in promising domestic and foreign venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. With its investment records and professional know-how accumulated in American, European, and Chinese market, Woori Technology Investment is utilizing local VC and accelerator networks to become a global VC. With Woori Technology Investment, SAC will leap forward in becoming the best global project through the Sports To Earn service platform.


Hansae Yes24 Partners is a startup investment company of Hansae Yes24 Group that supports the challenges of technology startups in the fields of digital content, virtual human, metaverse, games, block chain, and fintech along with Yes 24, the №1 Internet bookstore in Korea. Hansae Yes 24 Partners was established to expand investment and support for promising startups and fulfill corporate social responsibility, believing that the entrepreneurial spirit of challenge is the driving force for the success. Together with Hansae Yes 24 Partners, SAC will develop it into a global №1 project in the sports metaverse ecosystem.


Fact Block, established in 2018, is a professional accelerator and consulting firm in Korean blockchain field. Fact Block is conducting conferences and events on consulting services, marketing services, and blockchain week events, and has successfully hosted KBW 2022, the best blockchain event in Asia. In addition to their investment, FactBlock will actively support SAC to grow into a global Sport-To-Earn and to secure myriads of users.

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