SAC TRYOUT is an annual competition for Super Athletes who truly love sports.

SAC TRYOUT has been held since 2021, inheriting the spirit of the Spyder Ultimate Challenge since 2015. Spyder Ultimate Challenge was hosted in Gwanghwamun and Han River, SAC TRYOUT 2021 was held in Hongdae, and SAC TRYOUT 2022 was conducted at Jamsil Peace Park.

Numerous Super Athletes participated and showed off their skills. Tiers acquired by SAC TRYOUT are linked to SAC APP. Therefore, participating in SAC TRYOUT and gaining a tier is also a quick way to level up.

Starting with SAC TRYOUT SEOUL, the TRYOUT will be held in various metropolis around the world, such as TOKYO, NEWYORK, PARIS, and LONDON.

SAC TRYOUT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is planned to be held after the ecosystem is fully established.


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