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Party play

  • Party Play is a function that allows multiple people to exercise together by tapping the QR.
  • If you are in the group and are out of 100m radius, you will be changed to offline. (If you re-enter within 10 minutes, it will be converted to online.)
  • Features of Party Play:
    • Increase mining amount
      • 2~5 people: 1% increase in mining amount
      • 6~10 people: 2% increase in mining amount
      • 11~19 people: 2.5% increase in mining amount
      • 20 people: 3% increase in mining amount
    • (The more people there are, the higher the mining rate will be, and the maximum number of people in a party is 20)
  • The party play function is a function to increase the number of participants in the SAC ecosystem, so attempting to abusive multiple accounts may result in penalties such as account blocking.
  • Party play QR tap is possible only during exercise.


  • You can get 5 Random Boxes by scanning the QR code of other users within 50 meters of you.
  • There is a limit of one per day with the same user.
  • There is a daily limit of 10 taps per account.
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